Bearing Inspection

DeepInspect uses latest advances in Computer Vision and artificial intelligence to detect surface and assembly defects on bearings with 100% accuracy. Use a simple installation to ensure 100% compliance for critical bearings and reduce Quality costs by 50%+



Bearing Assembly Inspection

Inspect the assembly of the Bearings even when the environment has oil, and grease.

Train deep-learning models to achieve 100% accurate assembly inspection of bearings on the field. 

The needle and balls inside the outer assembly is a critical part of the bearing. With DeepInspect you have the ability to do automatic inspection of such assemblies at 100+ parts-per-minute. 

The ease of deployment ensures that you have the entire setup in your plant within weeks!


Bearing Surface Inspection

Inspect the surface of bearings for different kinds of scratches, dents, cuts, damages.

Inspect different kinds of surface defects online to completely automate the visual inspection of bearings.

With DeepInspect software, you can detect defects <200 micron inside the manufacturing lines and automatically reject the faulty bearings on the line.

The easy deployment and comprehensive inspection allows you to ensure 100% compliance with a 50%+ reduction in cost.


Seal Damage

Reverse/Missing Seal

DeepInspect can solve some of the most challenging visual inspection requirements.

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