Bottle Inspection

DeepInspect uses latest advances in Computer Vision and artificial intelligence to detect defects in Empty Bottles, Filled Bottles, and Labelled Bottles with near 100% accuracy. Upload only 100 Good Pictures of your product and use a simple installation to ensure 100% compliance for critical bottling defects to ensure 100% compliance


Empty Bottle Inspection

AI-Powered Empty Bottle Inspection to detect all kinds of impurities at high-speed.

You can use only 100 Good samples of bottles to do a comprehensive inspection of all kinds of defects of bottles on the manufacturing line. A simple and affordable setup allows you to detect foreign particle, labels, chip-off defects, and others ensuring that your customers get the best product delivered to them. 

Filled Bottle Inspection

AI-Powered Filled Bottle inspection enables the complete inspection of impurities inside the liquid at high-speed.

The filled bottle inspection is, typically, a completely manual and difficult process. You can use Artificial Intelligence  to do a comprehensive inspection of foreign particle, cap defects, and level-defects through a single system. Enable your manufacturing line with automated inspection in a matter of weeks.

Labelled Bottle Inspection

Surface Inspection and verification of surface and printing defects made simple through AI.

The accurate AI-Powered Inspection system allows the detection of Artwork defects, and wrapping defects. The system can automatically detect printing defects and verify the data from other hardware/software systems. The comprehensive coverage ensures 100% compliance and complete traceability.

DeepInspect can solve some of the most challenging visual inspection requirements.

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