Soap Inspection

DeepInspect uses latest advances in Computer Vision and artificial intelligence to detect foreign particles, shape defects, and cracks on Soaps with 100% accuracy. Upload only 100 Good Pictures of a product and use a simple installation to ensure 100% compliance for critical defects and reduce Quality costs by 50%+


In-Pack Inspection

AI-Powered Inspection for high-speed soap lines allows detection of defects at 700+ppm

You can comprehensively inspect the soap-bar for all kinds of critical defects such as Foreign Particle, Dents, Cracks, Scratches and other surface defects. The easy-to-use flexible setup further can be trained for multiple variants for complete coverage on all your manufacturing lines.

Out-Pack Inspection

Surface Inspection and verification of surface and printing defects made simple through AI.

The accurate AI-Powered Inspection system allows the detection of Artwork defects, and wrapping defects. The system can automatically detect printing defects and verify the data from other hardware/software systems. The comprehensive coverage ensures 100% compliance and complete traceability.

DeepInspect can solve some of the most challenging visual inspection requirements.

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