Digital Twins to power Manufacturing Intelligence

Driving automatic diagnosis, reduced turn-around, and increased quality through AI

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Increase Data Transparency from the Shop-Floor to the Top-Floor

The complexity of the manufacturing assets and processes in modern shop-floor leads to multiple approximations in capturing the data from the machine if the data is captured at all. SwitchOn provides a completely non-intrusive end-to-end product that starts from digitizing the assets to the final dashboards that the entire organization can use for the transparent flow of data from the shop-floor to the top-floor.

Reduce the Turn-around time in the Shopfloor to increase operational Excellence

The current processes in a lot of modern manufacturing industries are still operated in a semi-manual way with the capturing of data in the shop-floor being aggregated in logbooks that finally reach the upper management. SwitchOn changes all of that with real-time health and productivity data flowing into the relevant stakeholders in the organization automatically.

Reduce Wastage by Predicting Equipment failure and automatic diagnosis

The complicated assets deployed in the current manufacturing industries require time to diagnose and a lot of times either Break-down Maintenance or Time-based maintenance is widely used. SwitchOn predicts failures and performance issues in complex manufacturing lines and allows you to automatically know which team should be deployed to keep your plant running.

Automate Escalations with Advanced Workflows

The interactions and collaboration in the shop-floor are fairly manual and needs users to understand organization structures and setup processes that are often times recorded in the minds of the shop-floor operator. SwitchOn gives an advanced workflow to completely automate the escalation mechanisms. The IoT sensors and Edge-Compute systems recognize and predict failures that are automatically assigned to the stakeholders in the organization to make operations easy in complex equipment across huge production lines.

ai-enabled wireless sensors

Wireless Sensors to run AI models at the Edge

SwitchOn helps gather high-frequency vibration, and power data from critical assets on the Manufacturing Shop-Floor. The data is automatically analyzed to provide root-cause of failure in the assets and create smart workflows to drastically improve operational efficiency through a Comprehensive Maintenance Program. Our hardware is completely non-intrusive and we install in a wrap-around manner on top of the equipment to get all the data from the equipment in realtime

high-frequency data

Digital Twins of critical assets powered by AI at the Edge

SwitchOn has built proprietary AI-based digital twins of multiple assets operated in the manufacturing industry to understand how the assets operate in the real-world environment. We can automatically recognize operating modes of the assets to recognize and predict failures in assets as well as performance bottlenecks. Our deep understanding of the electro-mechanical parameters of critical assets allows us to give insights from the first day of installing our system.

advanced workflows

Advanced Workflows powered by IoT

We, at SwitchOn, understand that to realize the true potential of our IoT system, we need to work closely with the organizations to pass actionable intelligence to relevant stakeholders. We have created a scalable workflow that is being used by our customers to collaborate on issues that we automatically recognize. This allows our customers to collaborate with stakeholders ranging from the shop-floor operator to the upper management in real-time.

Start the Digital Transformation of your Shop-Floor

Digital Twins for Multiple Asset Classes

stamping press usecase

Stamping Press

SwitchOn automatically recognizes the part that is getting stamped and the line-stop reasons to provide granular health and productivity analytics and detect quality defects.

packing machine usecase

Packing Machines

Packing Machines are heavily used in FMCG discrete manufacturing. SwitchOn can predict failures in sub-components of Packing Machines and digitize them to automatically recognize and predict failures in realtime to increase productivity.

welding quality usecase

Welding Payloads

While SwitchOn can give granular productivity analytics by recognizing the part that is getting produced. Our unique algorithms also pick up high-frequency power consumption to detect part quality defects.

robotic predictive maintenance usecase

Robotic Arms

SwitchOn automatically recognizes the part getting made and predicts failures in robotic arms to digitize them in a completely non-intrusive way.

motor predictive maintenance usecase


We pick up specific electro-mechanical failure patterns in HV-LV motors and high rpm gearboxes to predict tens of early signature of failure patterns that can be used for predictive maintenance.

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