Eliminate Defects

DeepInspect leverages the latest advancements in Artificial intelligence and Computer vision to provide a one-click platform for the users to train and deploym Deep-Learning models.

Our Impact


Reduced Inspection Time




Reduced Time to Market

How it works


Easily Train the software for detecting defects across multiple product-lines with One-Click.

Train Deep-Learning models with the click of a button from the ease of your office by uploading only 100 Good Pictures and reach 99.9%+ accuracy. Easily deploy the AI-Powered models on any manufacturing line across the globe without the need for any field support.


Comprehensively Inspect complex surface defects for reflective surfaces at high-speed.

Deploy Deep-Learning models on compact hardware to enable high-speed Inspection with complete reliability. No need for high-speed internet or other infrastructure. Additionally, your data does not leave your manufacturing plant, providing complete data security.


View all lines and plants in your Company and integrate into third-party software.

View the status of the manufacturing line from the comfort of their office anywhere across the globe. The detailed integrated analytics of the parts further allows you to root-cause manufacturing issues. You can easily integrate into existing ERP/MES software with complete flexibility.